The Wire

2018-2019 Staff

Sarah Waynick


Sarah Waynick is a Senior at West Potomac. She decided to take journalism because she wanted to learn different ways to write. In the class, she is hoping to learn how to become a better writer. She considers herself a self st...

Vickeya Jones


Vickeya Jones is an junior at West Potomac High School.  Although she was originally under the impression the she was taking Yearbook,  she is now enjoying Journalism.  Jones has overcome many struggles in her life, includin...

Carter Ver Hage


Carter Ver Hage is a sophomore at West Potomac High School and in his first year of Journalism. He joined Journalism because he enjoys writing articles and he would like to have a voice in the school. Carter's main academic strength is English...

Ruth Dean


Sophomore Ruth Dean is always smiling when seen in the hallways, making her maybe one of the happiest students in West Potomac. Her favorite color is yellow, and biggest passion is to be happy. Although she is very happy most...

Vivian Baxter


Sophomore Vivian Baxter starts her first year on West Potomac’s journalism staff this year. Vivian joined the class because she was interested to find out different events and current things. “I am a naturally curious per...

Mollie Shiflett


Mollie Shiflett is a freshman at West Potomac. She is a sports junkie; she enjoys playing field hockey, basketball, and soccer, and loves to watch professional sports based in Washington, especially the Nationals. Shiflett likes t...

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