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The student voice of West Potomac High School

The Wire

The student voice of West Potomac High School

The Wire

The student voice of West Potomac High School

The Wire

2023-2024 Staff

Mercedes Henwood 24
Social Media Editor

Mercedes Henwood ’24

Starting her senior year at West Po, Mercedes Henwood likes journaling her daily life and hanging out with friends. This is her third year being a part of The Wire, and she’s more than excited. Planning to get involved at sch...

Lulu Zawitoski 27

Lulu Zawitoski ’27

Lulu Zawitoski is a freshman at West Potomac HS. She is currently enjoying a majority of her time playing JV field hockey for West Po, but is also most excited for the spring lacrosse season to come. She took journalism becau...

Katie Olson 27

Katie Olson ’27

Katie Olson is new to West Potomac, starting her freshman year at the school. Katie currently enjoys playing soccer and field hockey with her friends. She also loves music and her favorite artists include Taylor Swift, Drake, Ha...

Finn Johnson 27

Finn Johnson ’27

Finn Johnson. It’s a name that strikes fear into the hearts of anyone who hears it. But don’t be scared because he is 4’10 (for now), a freshman at West Potomac High School, loves watching the NFL and MLB, playing video ...

Ali Ahmed 26
Visual & Leisure Editor

Ali Ahmed ’26

Ali Ahmed, a sophomore in his second year of journalism, is excited for another year of writing for The Wire. He’s been doing jujitsu for almost two years and had his first competition this year. In his free time he loves goi...

Thomas Greene 24
Government & Politics Editor

Thomas Greene ’24

Thomas (Tommy) Greene is a senior at West Potomac High School. He is entering his first year of journalism and is very eager to learn and contribute as the editor for Government and Politics. He loves playing and watching spor...

Emily Butler 24
Social Media Editor

Emily Butler ’24

Emily "Emmie" Butler is a senior here at West Po. It’s her 4th year in journalism and 3rd as a Social Media Editor for The Wire. When not at school she enjoys any time spent being active or with her friends who bring out her s...

Sadie Regardie 27

Sadie Regardie ’27

Sadie Regardie is a freshman at West Potomac. She is currently playing on the JV field hockey team and is hoping to also play for West Po soccer later this year. It's her first year in journalism and she hopes that it won't be ...

Ireland Mcgee 27

Ireland Mcgee ’27

Ireland Mcgee, freshman, is excited to start her first year in journalism. She is on the freshman volleyball team. In her free time she loves to watch movies, go shopping, and hang out with friends. She loves listening to music, u...

Addison Hood 27

Addison Hood ’27

Addison Hood, freshman, is excited to begin her first year taking journalism. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, and swimming. She hopes to join the swim team in the upcoming winter. She loves listening to music, u...

Emma Fetterolf 26

Emma Fetterolf ’26

Emma Fetterolf, a sophomore, is taking journalism for the first time. Emma wants to explore the local news and bring it to the school paper. She enjoys playing field hockey and listening to music. In journalism she hopes to expa...

Leila Freimanis 27

Leila Freimanis ’27

Leila Freimanis, a freshman, is very excited for her first year of journalism and expanding her knowledge of journalism and writing. She plays volleyball for West Po on the freshman team. She enjoys listening to music in her free ...

Nora Fitzpatrick 27

Nora Fitzpatrick ’27

Nora Fitzpatrick, a freshman, enjoys listening to music. Sza, Taylor Swift, Frank Ocean, and Kendrick Lamar are her favorite artists. She plays travel soccer and AAU basketball and spends most of her time traveling from one spo...

Eloisa Molina 27

Eloisa Molina ’27

Eloisa Molina, a freshman, is looking forward to this school year. Her favorite movie is Ratatouille. She loves to dance. Her first language is Spanish: she's Peruvian and El Salvadorian. She visited Peru last summer and spent most...

Abdulahi Somane 25

Abdulahi Somane ’25

Out of all the juniors in West Potomac Academy, none come as close in greatness to that of Abdulahi Somane. Despite being a newcomer to journalism, he is determined to bring his best to the table. One of Abdulahi’s many hob...

Clark Brown 27

Clark Brown ’27

Clark Brown is a freshman at West Potomac. He plays Football and enjoys all things sports. His favorite hobbies are trying new foods, hanging out with friends, and watching football on the weekends. He is excited to start his year...

Josephine Keller 27

Josephine Keller ’27

Josephine Keller, a self-proclaimed nerd and freshman, is eager to begin delving into journalism. They have a deep-seated passion for writing and hope to explore and develop their own style during their time in high school. They...

Jacqueline Henwood 27

Jacqueline Henwood ’27

Jacqueline “Jackie” Henwood, a freshman, is really excited for her first year of journalism. She is on the JV West Po dance team. In her free time she loves to hang out with her friends and go to Starbucks. She enjoys han...

Ajamii Dhaba 27

Ajamii Dhaba ’27

Ajamii Dhaba is a freshman in Journalism. When not at school, Ajamii enjoys binge watching rom-coms, reading, and taking the bus to Dunkin'. Her journalist father inspired her to take the class and she hopes to learn and make...

Andrew Rapchak 27

Andrew Rapchak ’27

Andrew Rapchak, a freshman, joined journalism to get more involved with the school and learn more about writing. He enjoys listening to music, including artists: Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, Playboi Carti and others. He also loves...

Thomas Brown 25
School & Student Issues Editor

Thomas Brown ’25

Thomas Brown is a junior at West Po. He’s on the cross country team and also does swim and crew. Thomas enjoys reading, sailing, and biking around the city. This is Thomas’s first year in journalism and he’s very excited to work...

Sara Lainez 24
Hispanic Culture Editor

Sara Lainez ’24

Sara Lainez, a senior, enjoys going to dog parks with her very small feisty Yorkie name Bella. She spends lots of time watching dramatic Spanish novelas. She enjoys reading and seeing sunsets or sunrises. One of her biggest ac...

Jackson Baker 24
Sports Editor

Jackson Baker ’24

Jackson Baker is a senior at West Po. This is his first year taking journalism and he’s super excited. He is a member of the baseball team and is currently committed to Salisbury University to continue playing baseball while...

Adler Howell 24

Adler Howell ’24

Adler Howell, a senior at West Po, is taking his first year of journalism. He enjoys watching and playing sports. At West Po he is involved in Spanish Honors Society and runs on the track team. He is looking forward to writin...

Miguel Tsang 24
Co Editor-in-Chief

Miguel Tsang ’24

This is senior Miguel Tsang's third year writing for The Wire. Not only the president of West Po's Asian-Pacific Americans Club (APAC), he’s also active on the Crew and Debate teams. He is excited to be back in journalism to ke...

Jaylan Post 24
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Jaylan Post ’24

Jaylan Post, senior, is in his third year of Journalism and hopes to continue his important work as an editor and writer. He uses the class as a way to refresh his knowledge on news and writing. He enjoys basketball, volleybal...

Phoebe Schultz 24

Phoebe Schultz ’24

Phoebe Schultz is a senior editor and member of the West Potomac Dance Team. In her free time, she loves spending time with friends and trying new coffee places in the area. She’ll listen to any Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift,...

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