Three Teens Arrested on School Grounds for Possession of BB Gun


On the morning of March 30th , Fairfax County Police chased three juveniles from Route 1 to school grounds on Quander Road, and arrested the teens for possession of a BB gun with the help of school security and administration.

The juveniles are not students at West Potomac, but police were lead to school grounds when a resident on Route 1 spotted the teens with the weapon and notified authorities. They expressed no malicious intent and immediately surrendered the BB gun to police.

Interim principal Dr. Floyd was at the scene the entire time and ensures the “absolute safety” of students on campus. She explains that there was no need for a lockdown because the teens were already in police custody and their weapon had been taken away from them. The response to the sudden police presence on campus was quick and the security team were there assisting local authorities with the situation.

At 9:45 AM this morning at the beginning of Wolverine Time, Floyd addressed this morning’s incident with the student body and faculty on the intercom to clarify any miscommunication and debunk any speculations spread via social media or by word of mouth earlier in the morning.

She also adds that she will be sending out a keep in touch letter to notify parents of this morning’s incident and ensure the safety of their children as well.