The Good, The Bad, and The ‘Eugh’: Predictions on Batman vs. Superman

The hype for possibly the greatest superhero rivalry of all time grows with the release of the teaser trailer.


Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

Superhero movies have come to make some of the best movies in cinema history. The adventures that they can in captivate while staying true to the source material makes the craziest concepts into a reality. Many superhero movies that come to be very popular are the ones from Marvel and DC. On the complete flip side, many people in the movie making business have come to realize that the popularity of comic book movies are very popular and will always rake in money opening weekend. This has also made some of the worst movies, and completely disregard for source material.

With the popularity in the subject ever so growing, Zach Snyder decided to take up a production far too great to be done with any less effort than the greatest he can possibly give. He took up the fanservice movie that usually we only get to see once in a lifetime: Batman vs. Superman (2016). I’ve been more than psyched to see this movie since they announced it but ever so slightly do they shift on a downward slope with the developments they release to the public, but should we keep hope alive?

The first thing to notice is that the budget of $131 million for this movie is very close to that of the movie Watchmen (2009). Watchmen was directed by Zach Snyder as well, and with the critical acclaim that the movie received, it should put high standards on this movie. Both of these movies deal with keeping close to source material, developing very multi-dimensional characters throughout the movie, and keeping a serious tone despite the reality of what is happening.

Since Batman v.s. Superman is definitely dealing with the start of the Justice League, they will have Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, Cyborg, The Flash, and other heroes from the sort. But no Green Arrow, typical. However, they are also dealing with villains from the different series, but the only announced one so far is Lex Luther.

With the list of movies that DC released, it seems that they are going to try and do what The Avengers (2012) did with overlapping plots, but instead they are going to make the group movies first and then separate characterization. Personally, this spells out disaster. They only have characterized Superman so far because of Man of Steel (2013).

Now as Man of Steel had mixed reviews and a huge budget, it did set up the plot to Dawn of Justice (2016), and that is good after realizing both movies were directed by Zach Snyder. The light of the brilliance that he subtly showed throughout the movie does shine brighter now knowing why he did specific things the way he did them.

Casting for the movie was good for the most part, but is questionable from time to time. At first many people complained that Ben Affleck was going to be Batman, but over time the choice has become more understandable. Henry Cavill as Superman is still a good fit in my understanding. However, the most questionable choice is Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther.

Lex Luther is always characterized as a rich mastermind, but more importantly an able man. Now Jesse Eisenberg showed that he can do rich mastermind in The Social Network (2010), but many cannot see him as the “able man” he needs to be. Lex Luther is old enough to run for president, as he does this in the comic series, and Jesse Eisenberg just looks too young.

Lex Luther is always portrayed to have a deeper, menacing voice, whereas Jesse Eisenberg is a tenor at best. This may seem like nitpicking, but these things can take the viewer right out of the experience, and with this fan service title with the battle all fan boys and girls debate about, it’s very important to be as precise as possible.

Looking at the teaser trailer they released, I can say that they need to work on their use of CGI ( computer generated images) against practical effects. CGI may let anything be possible on the big screen, but it is still a computer generated image, so if you use it wrong, it can take one out of the whole experience. This can be noticed in Spawn’s cape in the movie Spawn (1997), Star Wars Episode One: “The Phantom Menace,” and other 90’s movies from the “dark age” of film.

If the CGI is not properly used, it doesn’t matter what the potential of the movie was, it will all fall down into shambles. That is exactly what happened to Star Wars Episode One, and no one wants another failure such as that one. However we all learn from the mistakes in the past, and hopefully they use CGI more tastefully than shown in the trailer.

To be frank, I don’t count my chickens until they hatch, so I would still keep hope in this film. If successful, this movie will surpass all other superhero movies made to date. I don’t expect that, but I do expect it to be on par with The Avengers. This movie will sure please audiences, whether it stays cannon to the most popular cannon telling of the justice league, or if it becomes another re-imagining of their beginnings, it doesn’t appear to be a cash-in. With Zach Snyder directing, and an already established Super Man, we have a lot to look forward to on March 26, 2016.