Girl’s Field Hockey Trumps Lee 1-0


On Thursday, September 10th’s game, the West Potomac Field Hockey team bested Robert E. Lee High School 1 to 0. The game proved to be a fair match, with only one point made in the beginning of the first half.

The coaches were pleased with the win, but knew that the team had not taken full advantage of the scoring opportunities provided to them.

“We should’ve won more than 1-0,” varsity coach Dana Hubbard says. “We had lots of corners.”

Corners are penalties given
against the defending team. They are usually issued for a defensive infringement in the penalty circle, or for a deliberate encroachment within the defensive 23-meter area. Lee was given 20 corners, providing ample opportunity for the Wolverine offense.

Defensively, however, the coaching staff was very pleased with the girls’ efforts.

“We made some adjustments in the second half and kept them off the board,” Hubbard says.

From the stands, it seemed that the defenses were even, but the Wolverine offense was more prepared and coordinated. Before game time, the players were ready and anticipating a good match.

“Lee will be a good match for us,” senior defensive player Baylee Riggins says. “They’ve been fair competitors in the past.”

This was the Wolverines’ second game and their first victory. The coaches noticed definite improvement throughout the whole team.

“We lost a lot of good talent with the seniors last year,” coach Jana DeCoster says.“The first game really hit the [girls], but since then the team has bounced back and strengthened itself by far.”

All signs look promising for the team as they continue their daily practices to continue improving the overall strength and coordination of the entire team.