Dance Team Partners with Local Non-Profit, Performs at 9/11 Hero’s Run


On September 12th, the West Potomac Dance Team performed at the local 9/11 Hero’s Run representing a non-profit organization called ArtSpire Inc.

  ArtSpire is a new non-profit organization founded by Gennifer Difillipo that helps bring the arts to those who would not normally be able to participate in them. Difillipo is also the coach of the West Potomac Varsity Dance Team, so she lets the dance team represent and spread the mission of ArtSpire whenever possible.

“Our mission is to help everyone experience the arts who are not able to experience them,” saysDifillipo.  “I loved having the WPDT represent ArtSpire because they did a great job of sending an inspiring message to the audience.”

Difillipo is not the only one who loves having the dance team work with ArtSpire.

“I love supporting the arts because they mean so much to me,” says sophomore Lauren Williams.  “Not everyone is as fortunate as we are to be able to participate in the arts, and it feels good to help them experience that.”

Because 9/11 is such an important date in American history, the dance team did a patriotic lyrical number dedicated to those who lost their lives or loved ones that day.  

“’ We performed a piece to ‘Proud to Be an American’, which was a very inspiring experience,” says junior Hannah Nobles. “We live in an area with a lot of military families, so we wanted this to be a dance that the audience could really connect with emotionally.”

The dancers wanted to be able to bring a message of hope to the audience.

“Dance can bring people together and inspire them. That’s the effect that we wanted this dance to have on our audience,” says Difillipo.

In addition to dancing, the girls also cheered on the runners and participated in some of the activities that were set up for the run.  

“I was glad to be able to be close with the community and to do things with them that we don’t normally do when we are just dancing,” says Williams.

Because the dance team was so involved and had such an inspiring dance, the feedback from the community was very positive. ArtSpire recognized this and wants to continue working with the dance team at future community events.  

“They [the dance team] really represent their high school well when they are out in the community.  They were also amazing representatives for ArtSpire,” says Difillipo.