Model United Nations Preps for Another Great Year


West Potomac’s Model United Nations club held its interest meeting September 16th, in Room 410 at 3 PM. The meeting covered the purpose of MUN, how often meetings will be held, and what their goals are for the year.

Created last year by seniors Olivia Ireland and Logan Petkosek, MUN provides students interested in learning about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations a great way to do so. The United Nations website defines the United Nations as an international organization committed to keeping peace through international cooperation and collective security. Joining would also provide the opportunity to practice and perfect essential skills such as public speaking, researching, and debating. It’s also a great way to learn about global news and issues, which local students may not be as familiar with as American news.

The Model United Nations is an international organization, much like the United Nations, that is dedicated to providing students with a simulation of the United Nations, as well as giving them an in-depth look into global affairs and history. The reason Petkosek and Ireland chose to create one here was simply because they wanted to. They both had several friends at different high schools around the county with MUN’s at their schools, and they wanted to create on here. Provide the students of West Potomac the opportunity to experience something students across the world might already be accustomed to.

If you’re a student who’s interested in global diplomacy and world news, then this is the club to join. West Potomac’s MUN is a great place to have an in-depth discussion with your peers from how to write a better argument for an upcoming debate to Greece’s economic crisis. With dedicated members who are passionate about their subject matter, it’s no wonder West Potomac’s MUN has been so well received by students.

“I thought the meeting was done well and organized,” says prospective member, junior Nate Cermak.“I think the people there are really passionate about what they’re doing and everyone seemed to be having a good time.”

If you’re interested in joining the MUN then good news, you still have a chance to do so. Petkosek and Ireland are encouraging people to come to meetings even if they missed the initial ones, especially underclassmen. If you want more information on the MUN, you can visit their website, twitter, or facebook. There is a presentation to view online as well. Meetings will be held every Wednesday at 3:00 in Room 410.