What You Need to Know About West Potomac’s Newest Club, Modern Moderates

Modern Moderates is a club that provides a safe space for the student body to discuss current political events


West Potomac’s newest club, Modern Moderates, held its first meeting on Monday, Nov. 16. Senior Jenny Sutton started the club as a way to provide a safe space for the student body to discuss current political events. Sponsored by history teacher Rob Kerr, English teacher Colin O’Grady, and leadership teacher Nicole Borghard, the club is open to those will all sorts of political backgrounds.

“I hope the club will join people of different political beliefs in one open discussion where people’s opinions will change and be understood. I am hoping that the meetings don’t turn into debates so we’ll have to find a way to prevent that, but I think most of the people joining are easy going”, says Sutton, who spent a month trying to get the club started, including getting a sponsor and turning in Student Interest, Registration, and Club Constitution forms.

“I liked the openness to opinions and general conversations we had,” said junior Max Barrett. “I’m looking forward to watching it [Modern Moderates] grow and seeing more people join and share their opinions.”

Barrett was one of the seven people to attend the meeting, and most at the meeting shared the excitement for the growth of the club.

Sutton hopes for a larger turnout at future meetings, with the next meeting most likely being early December. All are welcome!