Tips and Tricks for Black Friday Shopping!


After the day of giving thanks and spending time with families, millions set up their tents to camp out in front of stores and malls, anxiously waiting for the deals and savings to start. With these tips and tricks, you can become a pro Black Friday shopper.

First is the preparation; leave dinner early, and bring dessert to go. Then, remember dress in clothes other shoppers can’t pull you back or loose jewelry to grab you away from the deals you deserve after 5 hours of waiting on a cold sidewalk. If you have long hair, wear your hair in a tight bun to avoid hair pulling.

Then, bring a small backpack with these essentials- food, water, a fire blanket, pepper spray, a weapon of choice, air horn, and a wallet with lots of cash and a card to make transactions go faster. Wear the backpack forwards to help plow down the crowds and keep looters from stealing your supplies.

Next, plan your trip beforehand with a map and the deals of each store you are going to. Remember to go to the bathroom beforehand, you will be in line for a long time. Take people’s carts when they are not looking; those are gift you need, they can find them again!

Do ALL your Christmas shopping on Black Friday, the best deals are now, like the buy 9 get one free deals, it’s one more you don’t have to buy, it’s FREE! Instead of using this day for saving money, spend every cent you have, this day only comes once a year!

Most importantly, don’t be polite, you have 364 days to be nice to that old lady you pushed for that new blender, and you saw it first! If you follow all of these tips and tricks, you will rock Black Friday!