5 Ways to Get Into the Holiday Spirit


Not feeling the Christmas spirit this year? No problem!

It’s the week before Christmas, but if it wasn’t for the Christmas ads on TV and the flashing neon lights with the Costco-bought blow-up Santa and elves display next door, you wouldn’t have been able to tell. The weather is scorching  its way up  to the sixties, and you feel like going to the beach to cool off and enjoy the season. You find it hard to believe that June was already six months ago, a whole half year.

It seems as if Christmas losing that “Christmas magic” feeling is inevitable with your increasing age and frailty, but never fear, The String is here! We’ve compiled our best tips for getting into the Christmas Spirit, 2k15 style.

1. Recreate your favorite Christmas cards photos from the past by trying on your old elementary and middle school frilly tulle dresses and scratchy, stiff old suits. Studies from the ever-so reliable Wikipedia have confirmed that “making yourself look like how you were [when you were more filled with the Christmas spirit] is 100% guaranteed to lift your holiday spirits.”

2. Turn up that funky Christmas music! It’s not like you can get tired of hearing the same ten mediocre Christmas songs that play on the radio repeatedly, right? Be sure to make time to go caroling too – you can get your neighbors and friends into the holiday spirit as well with your beautiful voice!

3. If you missed the exciting rush of Black Friday, be sure to save all of your shopping for the night of Christmas Eve. Saving your gift shopping till the last minute will give you an excuse for not getting those pricey toys that your younger siblings put on the top of their list.     

 (Muffled crying) “Where is my $500 dollar Barbie that I asked for?”

  “I saved all my shopping for last minute, so sadly for you that Barbie was sold out, but hey! At least I got you socks! Who doesn’t love socks?

4. On the subject of gifts, be sure to only focus all your attention on gifts Christmas morning. After all besides your birthday, Christmas may be only day when your family showers you with stuff that you don’t have to pay for. What’s not special about that? It’s okay to throw a fit at your parents if you don’t get that iPhone 6s you have been begging for, because you have been an angel all year and you deserve it. 

5. Everyone knows the holidays are supposed to be about family (even though you prefer the gifts) so instead of spending yours with your non-iPhone-buying parents, why don’t you go visit your real family at your local Starbucks? You can pass the time admiring your “children” the zingy Peppermint Mocha and the warming Chestnut Praline Latte. You’re in luck if the Starbucks nearest you is closed on Christmas Day- that means there will be no annoying customers and tired,bored  baristas in your way. Just be sure to sharpen up on your breaking and entering skills beforehand.