Teacher Feature – Brian Bishop


New teachers are welcomed every year at West Potomac High School. This year, one of the teachers the school greeted is History teacher, Brian Bishop. This year marks Bishop’s 5th year in teaching. After growing up in Prince William County, he had heard good things about Fairfax County and always wanted to teach for the county.

“I like it, I think the students have a really good vibe going and the teachers and students here are very welcoming,” said Bishop.

After working at a daycare when he was 14, Bishop has always enjoyed helping people. “I feel that teaching is a great way to help people, and working with students has been kind of a thing of mine,” answered Bishop. “I think it’s a path I’ve been on for a very, very long time.”

After knowing he wanted to teach students as a career, Bishop felt drawn to History among the many subjects to choose from.

“I’ve always had a passion for history, I always did well in history. I’m naturally gravitated towards it,” he said. “I’ve always enjoyed just learning about the great figures and different people who’ve done different things, and it gives a great opportunity for critical thinking so you can get deep into your knowledge base and develop that thinking.”

As a teacher, Bishop wants to leave a good impact to his students. He thinks that teaching students how to think is a very important aspect of his job.

“I want my students to see education as, not necessarily [knowing] facts and dates and figures, but as a learning opportunity,” said Bishop.

Although this is his first year teaching at West Potomac High School, students who have him for World History 1 think he’s a good teacher.
“Mr. Bishop tries his hardest to make sure people [students] understand what the content of what we’re learning is and he’s very educated about what he does,” said freshman Grace Bloom, who has Bishop for 5th period.