Winter Sports’ Closing Banquet

On Mar. 8, 2016, West Potomac athletes attended the winter sports banquet in the Springbank auditorium. The highlight of the night was when junior Khalil Williams won the MVP for the varsity basketball team because he helped the team win district champions.   


The ceremony started with Director of Student Services, Aaron Helmick giving a few words of praise for this season’s athletes, followed by co-presidents of Wolverines Athletics Booster Club, WABC, Mr. Monson and Mr. Wilmont, and Principal Alexander Case. Principal Case presented the Scholar Athletic Award to the two male and female students who demonstrated superior athletic and academic achievement this season.  


That award went to two seniors.  Arielle Boykin, who is on the girl’s varsity basketball team, has a 4.1 GPA and is taking two AP classes. DJ Pinter, who is on the boys swim and dive team, has a GPA of 4.43 and is taking 6 AP classes. Principal Case also congratulated all the students who achieved a GPA higher than 3.5 this season.

As the night went on each team announced their MVP and their Coach’s Award winners (in the list at the bottom of the article).  The ceremony ended with the teams going their separate ways and celebrating their success during this season.



Scholar Athletic Award

Arielle Boykin, senior

DJ Pinter, senior




JV  Dance Team

Coach’s Award: Catherine Moreno, senior


Varsity Dance Team

Coach’s Award: Zandy Sosa, senior

MVP: Vera Abwanke, junior


Rifle Team

Coach’s Award: Kurt Sullivan, sophomore

MVP: Dominic Mancini, junior


Gymnastic Team

Coach’s Award: Emma Kelly, senior

MVP: Julianne Joyce, sophomore


Winter Track Team

Boys Coach’s Award: Matt Frame, junior

Girls Coach’s Award: Monalisa Paulk, senior

Girls MVP: Meredith Barber, senior


JV Wrestling Team

Coach’s Award: Alex Lagow, junior


Varsity Wrestling Team

Coach’s Award: Leo Clifford, junior

MVP: John Holzworth, sophomore


JV Basketball:

Boys Coach’s Award: Andrew Dorn, sophomore

Girls Coach’s Award: Emma Auld, sophomore


Swim & Dive Team

Boys Coach’s Award: Andrew Wolverton, junior

Boys MVP: DJ Pinter, senior

Girls Coach’s Award: Anna Capper, sophomore

Girls MVP: Natalie Hohman, junior


Varsity Basketball Team

Boys Coach’s Award: Robert Icovetta, senior

Boys MVP: Kahlil Williams, junior

Girls Coach’s Award: Jessica Dorn, senior

Girls MVP: Tenesha Green, senior