Students, Teachers Prepare as AP Exam Week Approaches

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams start the week of May 2-6 and continue for a second week from May 9-13. Link to schedule below.


Courtesy College Board website

Advanced Placement (AP) testing season is here.  It’s the time of the year where stress levels rise to an all time high and everyone around the school can feel the tension as AP classes are starting to review and prepare testing strategies.  Some students are taking two or more AP classes, and therefore must balance their regular school work and studying for their AP exams.

Teachers at West Potomac recognize the amount of pressure the students are under, so they lighten the amount of homework, tests, quizzes and projects that they give out to ensure that students don’t crack under pressure trying to accomplish everything at once.

“Lots of my teachers are very understanding of how much work and studying we have for AP exams, so lots of my non-AP teachers have lightened up the work load since they realize how stressed we are with studying,” said junior Matt Fannon.

Unfortunately, not all teachers are as accommodating as Fannon’s.  Some teachers have decided not to alter the amount of work they assign to students.

“Most of my teachers have given me less homework or quizzes, but a few of my teachers haven’t changed anything, which can be a little stressful at times, but being organized helps it from getting too overwhelming,” said junior Ana Zuffi.

Like Zuffi, many students have adopted strategies to help make testing season a little bit easier.  

“I try to prioritize which exam or work is most important  study or do that assignment first.” said Fannon.

Despite mixed reactions from teachers towards AP testing, most are helpful and do whatever they can to get their students through these stressful two weeks

 “I think that most teachers do understand how much work we have to do to prepare and how stressful it can be.” said Fannon.

You can access the 2016 AP Exam Schedule [here].