Beyond the Page Theatre Company Earns Nine Cappie Nominations for Starlight Express

Beyond the Page Theatre Company Earns Nine Cappie Nominations for Starlight Express

Last week, Beyond the Page Theatre Company won nine Cappie nominations for their spring musical, Starlight Express. The Cappies is a “critics and awards program” for high school theater departments, and at the end of the year the awards are presented at a formal gala. Since West Potomac’s theatre program is in the National Capital Area, the gala will be held at the Kennedy Center on June 12, 2016.

“The nominations came out a day early, so there was no time to really be nervous about whether we got one or not. When I found out I was so excited! It meant that I would be guaranteed to watch the cappies ceremony which is what I’m always most excited about. Winning is great but the best part truly is just being part of the whole process,” said senior Jordan McCray, costume designer.

West Potomac’s Starlight Express nominations include:

Marketing and Publicity: Liam Armstrong, Delaney Claussen and Lily Vita

Special Effects and Technology: Samantha Kendrick

Hair and Makeup: Kaylie Kopicki and West Potomac Make-Up Crew

Lighting: Kayla Claussen, Hope Kyota, Jessica Steadman and West Potomac Lighting Crew

Costumes: Jordan McCray, Helen Kitrosser, Kaylie Kopicki and Quinn Burgard

Male Vocalist: David Jarzen

Supporting Actress in a Musical: Frankie Mananzan

Supporting Actor in a Musical: Julian Worth

Best Song: “Light at the End of the Tunnel”

The Cappies show, when the critics reviewed Starlight Express was Saturday, May 7, the last night of the musical, and was an emotional night for everyone involved in the “Fastest Show on Earth.”

“Cappies shows are usually very stressful, everyone wants them to be great and perfect so we can impress the critics but it was different for starlight. Since it was also closing night and senior night it was very emotional,” said junior Helen Kitrosser. “I think at some point we all forgot the critics were there and just wanted to do the show the best we could because it was our last time and we wanted to do it for the seniors. it was just a great experience.  All the techies were in the back crying cause we were so proud of everyone’s work on the show. It was a night I’ll never forget.”

The costumes for the show were all made by the West Potomac costume crew, each with intricate details, like hand-painted gears on the steam trains or hand-sewn lights on the electric train’s cars.

“I was honestly so surprised when I found out we got the nomination! Of course it felt great because of all the hard work me, my team, and people not even on the team, put into the show,” said McCray. “The most time was spent making the pattern for Pearl’s dress and perfecting how it would fit her. As the leading lady with the hardest dances, we had to make sure Emily was as comfortable as possible.”
The Starlight cast will be performing the “Light at the End of the Tunnel,” a Cappie nominated song, at the Cappies Gala Sunday, June 12 at the Kennedy Center.