Humans of West Potomac, Volume 6

Pilar Jimenez, Class of 2017- The main reason why I am involved in the activities I'm involved in is because I legitimately enjoy doing them. Every single day that I have practice or a meeting, I look forward to it. I love my extracurriculars because I got to meet new people, and become friends with them. They're also nice because it's set in an environment where it's not all about how book smart you are— other skills that may not have great importance in school come into play in a larger role. As a freshman I got involved fairly quickly, my train of thought has always been to try things out, even if I wasn't sure about them. if they don't work out, then I just try something else. West Potomac really has a place for everyone, you just have to find it to or make it. My plan for next year is to attend college, wether that's NOVA, an instate school, or an out-of-state school. I haven't quite finished my applications yet— I'm currently mid procrastination— it can get very stressful, but I just try to stay on top of things as much as I can. Honestly, graduation makes me a little sad. I know most kids are really excited about finally leaving their home, but I think I'll miss it. I like my school, I like my friends, I like my parents and I like my teachers. Leaving all of them will be hard. However, I'm sure that the next chapter in my life will be even more exciting and I can't wait! Plus I can always keep up with people.

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