Q&A With the Homecoming King and Queen


Homecoming King: Nasim al-Saadawi

Homecoming Queen: Raelyn Davis

Did you expect to win? And, if so, do you feel you deserved it?

Nasim: “I think I was going to win. I can honestly say I had my doubts about winning. It feels good that I won because I did put some time into working in my campaign to become homecoming king and do I feel like I deserve it because invested the time into putting the campaign together.”

Raelyn: “I didn’t really expect to win, but I do feel I deserved it because I worked my butt off to get those votes.”

Why did you want to win/what was the motivating factor for you to win?

Nasim: “I think I really wanted to win so I could have the experience of walking down [the field], or being announced homecoming king in front of everyone at the football game.”

Raelyn: “I wanted to win because I would see pictures of girls from other schools winning homecoming queen and they looked so happy, so I thought it would be so cool to have the crown and get to be queen at the dance, so I decided to go for it.”

What do you feel set you apart from the other nominees?

Nasim: “I like to volunteer a lot. Over my four years, I’ve done over 400 hours of community service. I’m currently running a tutoring program in a low income area called Creekside community and I tutor elementary schoolers.”

Raelyn: “What sets me apart is that I’m really active in school and in the community. I do a lot of clubs here, probably about five or six and after school I go to work. I am just really involved.”

Have you felt that people treat you differently now that you are nominated king/queen?

Nasim: “A little bit but not too much. I’m a pretty friendly guy, so people just say hi to me and I say hi back to them. But I do feel like more people say hi to me and greet me.”

Raelyn: “My friends like to joke around and say that I’m the queen now and that I don’t know them, but mostly everyone treats me the same.”

How do you feel about winning during your last year at West Potomac?

Nasim: “It feels pretty good. I was really happy that I won it because I did have so many doubts about myself and whether I would win. And just knowing that I did it, just makes me feel accomplished.”

Raelyn: “Considering I just moved here last year, It’s pretty cool that I won homecoming queen. I got to know so many people within just a year and it’s nice knowing that all these people voted for me when I just got here.”

What has been the best experience as a senior so far?

Nasim: “I enjoy the senior privilege policy. My favorite thing is that we can leave 10 minutes early from 6th or 7th period class on Fridays.”

Raelyn: “The best experience as a senior so far was probably homecoming week. Being part of the SGA, we had to plan it so I was a part of every event going on and it was fun to see how it all came together for my last year in high school.”

What was your favorite part of the homecoming week?

Nasim: “I think the football game was my favorite part. I’m in band so we play: we are the ‘pep band.” And so it’s always really fun to play in that. I have been in band for four years and the homecoming game has always been one of my favorite games because it’s exciting.”

Raelyn: “My favorite part of homecoming week was the dance. It was really fun. A girl came up to me while I was wearing the crown and asked if she could take a picture with me and I felt good about it because she thought I was like some queen.”

In your opinion, what is the best thing about West Potomac that sets it apart from other schools in the area?

Nasim: “I don’t know too much about other schools in the area, but I think something that sets it apart is that there is so much diversity at our school. I think it’s great because you get to work with so many people who come from different backgrounds, both from economic standpoints; maybe you have more money than another family. So, you can learn about the struggles they go through and compare it to what you go through.”

Raelyn: “The best thing about West Potomac is the school spirit. In my old school, they didn’t have this kind of school spirit and it’s crazy to see people get involved in all the sports and clubs and cheer on people during games.”

How do want to be remembered at West Potomac once you graduate?

Nasim: “Just as a friendly guy who is always willing to be there for people.”

Raelyn: “As a queen.”