Teacher Feature: Tyler Fabian


Where did you graduate from?

“I graduated from George Mason University and got my Master’s at George Mason as well.”

How was life like back in college? What did you like the most about the experience?

“College was a long time ago; I graduated in 2010, but I really enjoyed it. I loved the free time, I enjoyed intramural sports and going to classes, such as science classes. As well as high-level geology classes and education courses.”

What drew you to teaching?

“I love kids and students, I love working with them and I love science. And with both those passions, teaching felt like the right fit going into college. I was really looking forward to getting my licensure in teaching and so I was able to do that at George Mason.”

Why did you choose to teach geosystems?

“My dad is a science teacher so he would always ask me questions like ‘what are the phases of the moon’ or ‘what are the tides like’. He really got my brother and I interested in science [and] I took it up as a major in college.”

Do you enjoy teaching geosystems at West Potomac?

“Very much. I love it.”

How do you like West Potomac so far?

“I like it a lot. The faculty is great, the students are great, sometimes. For the most part, is has been a great experience for me and I hope to continue it.”

How have other teachers at West Potomac treated you so far?

“With genuine respect, it is a great atmosphere to be a part of.”

What is your favorite thing about the students here at West Potomac?

“I mean there are so many favorite parts, but I like getting to know the personalities [of students]. I like to see what they enjoy and what their interests are, that way I can try to make it relatable in class.”

If you could pick any other class to teach what would it be?

“I’d say my content area would be environmental science, but if it was a fun one maybe like Tech Ed.”

What are some of your favorite hobbies or things  you like to do outside of school besides teaching?

“I love playing soccer,  football, and hiking, I love watching sports as well. And hanging out with my wife, that’s always fun.”