Surprisingly Successful Football Season Screeches to a Stop


Image courtesy The Washington Post


The 2016 football season came to an end this past Friday at James Madison High School in a 21-14 defeat. WPHS and Madison were neck and neck throughout the playoff game before Madison pulled ahead and finished with three unanswered touchdowns in the second half.

The student body got more and more excited throughout the season as the Wolverines continued adding entries in the W column. The defeat of new and menacing opponent Briar Woods instilled a feeling of confidence in the team. After their surprise victory the athletes continued to show their athletic and mental prowess with the win over highly-regarded South County – a first in WPHS history.

Spirits were high going into the playoff game against James Madison, despite their intimidating #2 status. The hype squad, cheerleaders, and dance team were ready to cheer their team onto another victory. The stands were teaming with energy as they filled the away section of the bleachers.

Senior cheerleader Dira Hawkins said, “It was great — everyone was excited and positive.”

The excitement level was high as it became clear that this game wouldn’t clearly favor either side.

Julianne Joyce said, “The entire time the score was close, so it wasn’t obvious who the winner would be.”

The mood was similar to the nervous atmosphere in final seconds of the South County game, when the rows upon rows of spectators held their breath in anticipation. Despite this similarity, senior spectator Gideon Jones dubbed the game “way more intense” than the regular season games.

This intensity was spurred by the knowledge that the loser of the game would be at the end of their season.

“I’m a little disappointed,” senior running back Justine Annan said.

Looking back on the incredible season, Annan decides that beating South County was the most exciting part. Most of West Potomac would agree, seeing as the game culminated with our jubilated hype squad storming the field.

Regardless of the result of the last playoff game, the entire West Potomac community can agree that it’s been an amazing season, and we’re forever proud of our Wolverines.

“I’m sure next year the guys will go all the way,” Annan said.