Wolverine Athletic Booster Club Fundraises with Christmas Trees

West Potomac is holding their annual Christmas Tree and Wreath sale at Carl Sandburg Middle School, located near the softball field, from now until the trees are sold out!

West Potomac athletes help at the stand by showing up for their shift and help carry, cut, and tie trees onto customers cars or deliver the trees for free. Other participants go to the front of Sandburg and wave signs to get people’s attention to come and buy their trees. There are also athletes who dress up as a Christmas tree or present and dance around the front of Sandburg.

Athletes from every sport at West Potomac, and volunteers, work the stand to raise money for the Wolverine Athletic Booster Club (WABC). This organization is made up of parents who help provide success for their child’s team. This includes supplying necessary supplies for the sport and providing service by selling tickets and concessions at events, organize food for pep rallies and award dinners, etc.

Ninth grader, Emily Yu was one of the participants at the stand last Monday. “I had a lot of fun being with my friends even though it was pretty cold.”

Other than having fun, Emily also “…helped people find trees and at the end of my shift, I helped clean up all the branches.”

So come on down and get the perfect Tree for your holiday needs at Carl Sandburg Middle School and help support the West Potomac’s sport teams.