5 More Ways to Get Into the Holiday Spirit


“The String” is back with more ways to get into the holiday mood.

The lights are up, the trees are trimmed, and the Yule log is burning, but are you in the holiday spirit yet? For some poor sufferers of Funoycosis or Christmasphobia (such as yourself), ‘the holiday spirit’ is unknown. Here you are, a week before Christmas again, but although December is colder this year than last, you still cannot seem to get excited. It does not feel like summer, more like a frozen tundra of nothingness and fear for the future (and of midterms and finals).

There is a cure for this loss of childhood joy and happiness, however. The String has compiled 5 more ways to get into the holiday spirit for 2k16. (You’ll never believe number 4!)

1. Take all of the holiday-themed Buzzfeed quizzes that you can. Seriously. Clickbaits are known as the best type of journalism, according to Clickedhole.com. It’s not like Buzzfeed is killing modern journalism. Actual effort is unnecessary. Who reads heavily researched, fact-based articles anyway?


2. Find a way to go back to the summer.

This may be seen as an unconventional way to get into the holiday spirit, as it is putting you farther away from the date of December 25. However, in Virginia’s scorching heat of early August, you muttered something you cannot believe you said to this day. Dying under a layer of heat, sick from the sun’s harsh rays, you said the unthinkable.


“I cannot wait for cold winter. I miss December and Christmas.”


3. Marathon every single holiday film you know of. For best results, do not leave your house and do not take breaks. Do not get up to sleep, do not get up to eat, and definitely do not get up to study for the last exam you have before break. If anyone tries to pry you from the television, you are allowed to lock them outside in the cold. No one can take away the magic of “Love Actually” from you.


4. Make a breadhouse! That’s right. Eating too much ginger roots is bad for you, so naturally you should cancel out any foods with “ginger” in its name. There’s no need to fear, though. Why not make a gingerbread house with stale bread instead of gingerbread? It’ll definitely be a unique taste piled with dry sugary frosting and old leftover gumdrops from last year.


5. Write an article about getting into the holiday spirit. In researching ways to get into the holiday spirit, you will likely start to get into the holiday spirit yourself. Just make sure your advice is String-approved!