Movie Review: “Loving”


(Courtesy Focus Features)

The film “Loving” was released on November 4. The movie was based on the story of an interracial couple who fell in love, wanted to get married and eventually build a family.

However, it all took a turn when the law interfered in 1958, when it became illegal and shameful for a white man to be with an African-American woman. They were jailed and banned from living in Virginia for 25 years.

The movie reflects on the critical moments that the couple, Richard and Mildred Loving, went through to get their rights to live in Virginia and love each other freely.

The movie was a roller coaster of emotions. I laughed at their crazy jokes and moments, but I was sad to to know how hard life was for interracial couples. Overall, the movie was well written and very much based correctly on the true story. I loved it! I would definitely recommend it if you love watching love stories or the time period of the 50s. I would rate it a 4.5/5 overall.