Humans of West Potomac, Volume 8

Lucia Camarillo, Class of 2018- "In my house we tend to stay up till midnight to open our presents. At that time we usually have family over or we call our family overseas, and…we usually have turkey on Christmas. When I was younger my mother was single and it was only her so we didn't have that much family over, so it was only my brothers and my mom and I. [Once] we didn't have Christmas on Christmas, but we had it afterwards. We just made an emphasis on that year—that no matter what day it is, as long as you’re happy and you’re with your family it’s going to be okay. That was the first year we had Christmas with my step-father—At the time he wasn't my step-father…but he became my stepfather…he was in Virginia and we were in North Carolina, and he had to travel to North Carolina to come see us, and that year we had to delay Christmas two days because of traffic."

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