“Fast Pass” ID’s- What Are They?


The administration is unveiling a new concept to honor high-achieving students. It will allow all A or A/B Honor Roll and students with perfect attendance to receive a small sticker that will be placed on the student IDs.

These stickers have a significant advantage that will benefit the students who receive them. They act as a personal hall pass that students can use without the hassle of a vest or a slip signed by a teacher. With them in place, you can leave class easily.

“The pass is great for students who would use it properly, but it’s a possibility that some students could misuse it,”  said freshman Olivia Petretich.

Some teachers are not so pleased with the new establishment.

“I don’t like the idea of the stickers on the passes, because I think that it disrupts a system I have had in place since the beginning of the year, which is the use of the vest in my classroom. Especially with freshmen, it has taken this long just to get used to that, and now I am going to have kids that are going to be able to leave without the vest. Now I’m not able to at a glance know if anyone is out of the room, which it is supposed to be one student at a time,” states Ms. Miller.

“Also, when the quarter ends, if their grades drop, do they then have to show up and get the sticker removed from the pass? Nobody is going to do that,” she says.

The administration insists that the passes will be used responsibly.

“These stickers are a privilege,” said administrator Ms. Statz. “Administration will be able to take the ID and remove the sticker if a student fails to maintain their grades, or goes against any of the school codes. This will ensure they don’t have the ability to use them in the halls. Although, it is unclear if the stickers will be able to be redeemed again.”

Administration has a list of student that will receive the stickers and teachers will be in the lunchroom distributing the passes to worthy students this week.