A New Place for Relaxing: Library Receives New Furniture

The new year has brought some new changes to West Potomac, with the Wolverine Green being built in front of the school and the installation of security cameras in every corner. The school’s library also saw some changes last week with the placement of a new couch in the library’s lounge area.


“The couch took some time to get. Believe it or not, we started the ordering process in late July.  I worked with a company called Melos that specializing in library furniture,” said Ms. Landon, the librarian.


The model of the couch is called Serafina. It is placed on the left side of the library as you walk in. Other furniture had to be removed in order to fit this couch in a perfect position.


“Once layout was decided, Mrs. Rice and I got to pick the fabric colors as well.  We went with the blue and grey to match West Potomac’s school colors. We finished with all decisions in early October, and then the final order was placed,” said Landon.


A lot of effort was put into figuring out the right the size and model for this couch. The comfort of the students was the top priority. This new setting could have a drastic effect on students.


“As far as the effect, I hope that more students will come in and relax with their friends,” wished Mrs. Landon.


The purpose of getting the couch was to make a more comfortable environment for students.
“We wanted students to have a more casual place in the library to sit and read. As well as have a place to relax with their friends,” she said.