Television Review: The OA


It’s no surprise that Netflix original series are becoming increasingly popular. From hit series like “Orange is the New Black” and “Narcos,” another hit show is bound to happen. Before the end of 2016, Netflix released a sci-fi drama on December 16 called “The OA.” It captivated millions of viewers, drawing many similarities to “Stranger Things.”

The show is centered around an adopted woman named Prairie Johnson, who goes by the name “The OA.” Prairie went missing for seven years and suddenly reappears, and strange events occur: her blindness disappears, she has strange scars on her back and possesses out-of-the-ordinary abilities.

Although she is returned safe, many problems resurface. She gathers five people–Steve, a violent and problematic teenager, Jesse, a stoner, Betty, a teacher, French, a Lacrosse player who has a difficult situation at home and Buck, a woman transitioning into a man.

Prairie then makes a deal with all five people to meet up at an abandoned house at midnight of every day so she can tell her story. As the plot progresses, we are shown explicit key events from when Prairie was born and later adopted up until she was abducted and found.

The Netflix series “The OA” is full of unexpected twists and turns and has appealed to teens all over the globe, making it the latest original series you will not want to miss. This show is so captivating that it will leave watchers on the edge of their seat, wanting to watch episode after episode. It is unknown whether they will produce a second season but it is definitely a fact that people can’t wait to know what happens next.