West Potomac Boys Varsity Basketball Defeats West Springfield 63-46


On Thursday, January 19th, 2017, at 7:30 p.m., the varsity basketball game between West Potomac(H) and West Springfield(A) began. West Potomac up to this point was 13-2, with their only two losses being single-digit games. West Springfield on the other hand was 6-5, only having played 11 games instead of 15.

The West Potomac boys showed their dominance throughout the first quarter. Sophomore guard Daryl Mackey Jr. slammed one home, while taking a West Springfield player down to the floor. West Potomac ended the quarter with a 7 point lead. Students in the hype squad, aka “the Den,” for West Potomac were riled up after the first quarter performance.

“Our boys were out there gunning to win,” senior Alex LaGow. “You could see a fire in our players eyes that just wasn’t there for West Springfield.”

The West Potomac boys continued to play dominantly, leading at the end of the half by 14, and then by 12 at the end of the 3rd. But during the fourth, the fire in the eyes of the West Potomac boys had begun to fade, and West Potomac coach David Houston III noticed this. The coach told player Da’Jon bellfield to slap the floor to rile up both the players and the crowd.

“I told him to [slap the floor] because I felt it was kind of dead in the gym,” said Houston in an interview with CoveringTheCorridor.com. “We were up 13 points or so, but it didn’t feel like it.”

After Bellfield slapped the floor, West Potomac secured a turnover which lead to an alley-oop play that made the crowd roar. This sparked the fire in the West Potomac player’s eyes and they continued to fight hard until the end of the game.

West Potomac won the game against West Springfield with a score of 63-46, making their record 14-2. Their next game will be at home on January 24th, against TC Williams.