Television Review: Sense8


On June 5 2015, Netflix released an original series called “Sense8” which centers around eight people from eight different countries who are linked mentally and emotionally.


In the first episode, it starts off with a scene in a dark church where we see a woman who is in immense pain. She is hallucinating, thinking she can see a man telling her that she needs to “birth” a cluster of eight new “sensates,” who we find out are a Chicago cop, a DJ from Iceland, a Mexican actor who is in the closet, a transgender blogger from San Francisco, an Indian woman who is marrying a man who she doesn’t love, a safecracker from Berlin, a rich Korean banker who secretly fights underground and a Nairobi bus driver who takes care of his sick mother.


As we get to know the characters, we are shown throughout the show that these people have special abilities that allow them to access each other’s minds, abilities, surroundings, language and emotions. Learning and getting to know them inch by inch urges watchers to keep watching episode by episode, just wanting to know more.


Overall, this show is amazing. With a diverse cast, it’s refreshing to see how talented each actor is in their own way. While a season two  is still in the making and is set to release May of this year, a two-hour Christmas special was released back in December 2016– something to ease the three-month wait.