West Potomac Girls’ Basketball Dominates Mount Vernon


The West Potomac girls’ basketball team played the Mount Vernon basketball team on Friday, February the 3rd, dominating with a final score of 61-35.

The spectators were thrilled by this unforgettable game, especially since the Wolverines had almost double the points of the Majors.

“I enjoyed the game better than all the other games I’ve been to because the hype squad was really powered up for this game. Everyone knew it was a rivalry,” said wolverine senior Justice Arthur, who went to the game with friends from Mount Vernon and West Potomac.

The stadium was jam-packed since West Potomac and Mount Vernon are in the same community, only about 5 miles apart.

Given the rivalry between the two teams, games with Mount Vernon can be more nerve-wracking than usual.

“Mount Vernon is a lot more physical and rough than our regular games,” senior Tytiana Taylor said, “They like to push and get in your face and a lot of other teams don’t do that.”

The West Potomac Hype Squad did a thorough job of advertising the game through social media and school announcements, which helped to attract spectators. The increased support from fellow Wolverines boosted the team’s morale.

“The atmosphere was good; we had a lot of fans there to support us as we took down the Majors. Our fans always make the vibe good for us and it was just a really nice atmosphere,” Taylor said. We scored a lot more and blew Mount Vernon out.”