Movie Review: Rings

On February 3 the horror movie Rings was released. The movie is an updated version of The Ring which was released in 2002. Rings is about Julia and Holt, a couple that fell apart as Holt went off to college and Julia stayed home to take care of her ill mother. They told each other that they would keep in contact but Holt began to fade away. Julia was worried and goes to his college to see what was going on, and soon realizes that Holt and other students were studying a videotape and the effects of a mysterious urban legend. The students had to make copies after watching the video and make other students watch them to keep them alive, and Julia was no exception.

After you watch this famous videotape, you get a phone call from a little girl saying “seven days”. The video is about the pain Samara went through as a child and she wants other people to feel her pain and experience the moments she did. While watching the video, Samara will physically harm you leaving burn marks. You have to make a copy of the video and get someone else to watch it within those 7 days or else you will be die before the end of the week.


Samara Morgan, played by Bonnie Morgan, is supposed to represent a Japanese onryo spirit, who was murdered by her adoptive mother Anna Morgan , for the reasoning that Samara was evil. Samara lived a very unhappy life and wanted people to understand her story.
Rings is a really interesting and well put together movie. It wasn’t scary but will definitely give you chills. It built up a lot of suspense and kept you on the edge of your seat. I would give Rings a 7.5 out of 10 and would recommend this movie if you have watched all the other ones in this particular series, or if you’re looking for something thrilling.