Senior Frustration Over Parking Spot Relocation


On Tuesday, February 7, owners of parking spots 32-41 in the senior lot, arrived at school to see their spots blocked off due to the construction occurring outside of the school. Due to this, these students were inconvenienced with relocation to the overflow lot in the back of the school.

“Not having [my spot], has delayed me in being able to leave before the buses,” said senior Douglas Miller, owner of spot 39. “I’m delayed by an extra 15 or so everyday.”

This phenomenon, referred to as “beating the buses” where the window of time between the end of school and the time the buses depart, is preferred as the buses cause traffic congestion. For this reason, the senior lot’s spots are considered superior to the Junior lot and Overflow.

“I talked to security and they initially said it would be one week, but it has been three weeks now,” said Miller “I recognize that it’s not their fault as it is the county and they informed me recently that it will probably only be a week or so”

The security team was told by the county that it would only be a week, but that has proven to be false. The problem has been remedied by providing the students with spots in overflow, but still, frustration ensues as it is considered a senior’s privilege to be able to purchase a spot in the senior lot.