Women of West Potomac: Nicole Borghard


(Staff photo)

Nicole Borghard teaches history and leadership at West Potomac, where she started working five years ago after she graduated from graduate school. Borghard helps students in her leadership class to organize events like the homecoming dance or Mr. West Potomac. She is a strong voice in the West Potomac community.

Borghard makes it clear that the faculty and staff all work closely together and support each other.

“Everyday is a challenge, but a good one,” Borghard said. “One of the best things about West Potomac, that has really helped me with some of the challenges I face, is the sense of comradery among my colleagues and I.”

Borghard has not faced any gender inequality as a teacher but shared a story of when she was in high school.

“I remember as a female student being treated differently than my male counterparts,” she said. “Specifically, when I was class president and the vice president was a male, whenever we talked to people who didn’t know us they would automatically assume that he was the president. It [gender inequality] exists but we’re lucky that at West Potomac everyone is accepting and respectful.”

Borghard took what she learned from her experience and provided advice for young women at West Potomac.

“Seek out leadership positions,” she said. “Don’t worry about boys will think about you and pursue your passion no matter what it takes, because it’s worth it and you can do anything you want.”

Borghard remains an influential mentor to students at West Potomac High School.