Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast— Revamping A Classic Tale


Adapted from the 1991 Disney animation of the same name, Beauty and The Beast follows the story of a cocky prince who is turned into a beast, he subsequently falls in love with a Villager name Belle and romance ensue. This film stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens who graceful perform their respective roles, conveying the ideas of the original animation with a new and exciting spark. Beauty and The Beast does a phenomenal job of producing the nostalgia of a movie many loved as children while also introducing more romantic scenes.


Those Beauty and The Beast had many positive attributes, the CGI within the film fell short. Throughout the movie, there were scenes where the Beast looked cheap and underdeveloped, especially in comparison to other contemporary films such as Plant of the Apes. You’d think with a 160 million dollar budget they’d be able to construct a better CGI character, but one could assume the funds went to other factions of the movie.


The character portrayals in this film were fabulous, Emma Watson played a stunning Belle, but the highlight of Beauty and the Beast was Luke Evans portrayal of Gaston. Gaston was animated and lively, yet menacing and villainous creating a very dynamic character.
All and all Beauty and The Beast manages to successfully convey the classic tale in a new and entertaining way. This film would manage to please any Disney fanatic, film lover, and casual movie-goer.