A Trip to Iceland


With Spring Break just around the corner, students of West Potomac are excited for the week to end. They’ve been wanting a break from school but at the same time, dreading the end of the third quarter. It is stressful trying to get missing tests and homework done to raise their grades up before the quarter ends.


In 4 days, students and teachers are leaving for Spain and Italy through EF Tours, an education company that provides learning through traveling around the world. Although it’s too late to sign up for this international trip, saving up for Spring Break next year won’t be such a bad idea. During Spring Break of 2018, Geosystems teacher Mr. Tyler Fabian initiated an EF tour to Iceland after hearing an opportunity from Oceanography teacher, Ms. Davis, who has done a few trips herself.


“I wanted to get students engaged in going to a different country and so I thought Iceland would be a good trip.” Fabian said. “The tours offered Iceland so I thought that would be really cool and, since I’ve never been”


The trip to Iceland is said to be about 6 days and will depart on March 22, 2018 and will roughly cost around $3,300. Only 7 students have signed up so far and Mr. Fabian is the only current staff to be going on the trip. Once students come back from Spring Break, a meeting will take place to discuss further details.