Community Yard Sales Pop Up with the Weather


On Saturday, April 22, the weather interrupted yard sales with people selling or buying stuff throughout the community. People can have so much stuff, some items that have never been used or forgotten, sitting around throughout their houses in the attic, garage, or closets. Now we all want to buy stuff and save money at the same time. Residents throughout the neighborhood bring a lot of items outside for sale, from clothing, toys, books, etc. Yard sales are great for those who want to clean out their house spring cleaning and for others to get what they need or want.  


“I visit yard sales like barely, most of the time I see them, but not really go into one nor purchase anything. I bought a shirt one time when I was in DC. I don’t think yard sales help the community like they don’t really help them, like they’re just there,” said Fernando Galeas.


People in the community have opportunities in finding something they might need or want, especially something old because not everyone today has stuff that was made back in the early twentieth century, like old plates, picture frames, or tools either to try out or especially for those who like collecting items or who is willing to use it for a small price. That’s why it’s always good to visit at a yard sale and look around for something you might be interested in, even though you wouldn’t think so. While people buy stuff at the yard sale, people can then have a cleaner house.


“Usually visit them whenever I visit my grandma, which is sometimes or a couple of times a month. This month I’ve visited only about two, but I haven’t really been looking around that much. I’ve bought a couple of things usually random nicknacks and I haven’t done a yard sale myself. I try to find like old video games, that I try find something cheap because online someone would try to sell one for like two hundred bucks and it’s ridiculous. I do enjoy collecting video games no matter where I get them from. I got into video games by just being a little kid when my mom got me a GameCube. I do think yard sales help the community, because I think it’s a good way for someone to make some money, meet new people who are interested in buying their stuff,” said Sean Brownlee. 
Yard sales are great for the community. As one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure, yard sales bring people together by having items that connect to others throughout the community.