Fort Hunt Lacrosse Night

As the Junior Varsity lacrosse players lined up for the opening face-off, so did the entrance to the stadium. The stands started to fill with local youth lacrosse players participating in Fort Hunt Night and hoping to someday be where the West Potomac players stood, on the field. The youth players are from the local Fort Hunt Lacrosse program where many West Potomac players found their love of the game. The event was organized to show the bond the two lacrosse programs have with each other while also allowing the kids to have a little fun.


The J.V. Lacrosse game started out fast with West Potomac’s opponent South County High school taking a commanding lead going into halftime. This didn’t dampen the West Potomac players spirits as they knew they had many young, enthusiastic fans watching from the stands.


As the players caught their breaths on the sideline, the West Potomac Track Team took the lanes to race in front of the local Fort Hunt track team. The energy level began to rise even faster than the runners as screams and cheers erupted throughout the stadium.


“It was really cool to see all the kids smiling and having fun. I used to practice with Fort Hunt track and I know a lot of the kids wanna be where we are in a couple of years. I think we were all running pretty fast just to show off in front of them,” Jasmine McGhee, a current West Potomac Track member, said.


But the night was not over. After South County’s decisive win over the J.V. squad it was time for the main event, the varsity game.


As warm-ups got under way the crowd size doubled and the chatter got louder as the Fort Hunt youngsters were anxiously waiting to see if the underdog Wolverines could upset the dominant Stallions.


After a one-sided Stallions first quarter, West Potomac knew just how to get the crowd back into it. Between the two quarters volunteers from the J.V. lacrosse team began throwing rally towels into the stands. The crowd began standing and cheering to get their hands on one of these wolverine branded blue towels.


After a closer second quarter the Wolverines marched off the field to regroup for the second half. During halftime the Fort Hunt players took to the field for a chance to shoot on the J.V. goalie Conor Allen. Each player who scored on Allen received some candy along with a free drink and popcorn from the concessions. One by one each player came down shootout style to strut their moves on the J.V. goalie. The crowd cheered and shouted as their child shot the ball in the back of the net.


“I was just trying to have fun with them. I was doing things like falling on the ground and jumping out of the way. It was just funny to see the really little kids get so excited.” Junior Varsity goalie Conor Allen said.


Both West Potomac lacrosse teams might have lost the game but it still didn’t stop the kids and parents from having a great time. Maybe one day one of the kids in the stands will be the next star of West Potomac Boys Lacrosse.