Over-sized Clothing Trend

Have you ever seen someone wear oversized clothing? It has become quite a trend over this past year and has hit some students at West Potomac High School. Some students may look at this trend and see it as being bizarre but other see it as trendy.

Katherine Castillo, freshmen, said, “I love to wear oversized clothes because they’re so cute and perfect to throw on if you’re in a rush, basically they just have this look to it and it makes you look and feel so adorable and effortless.”

Castillo believes that the oversized trend started by seeing famous people in magazines and on tv.

“I see people like Kourtney Kardashian on those snapchat discover stories wearing oversized shirts as dresses and these like sweatshirt dresses with those knee high boots and I guess people wanted to try it out.”

Castillo gets her wardrobe mostly from her older sister who is 5 inches taller than her.

“I mostly wear oversized shirts, cardigans, and hoodies but a lot of it is actually my sisters. One time I took this black hoodie from her and she came back from somewhere and she was like “is that my sweater?” and I tried to cover it up but she got really mad at me. I just let her yell at me though because I couldn’t really do anything.”

Senior Lily Shin, like Castillo, also likes to wear oversized clothing.

“I wear oversized clothing because they’re more comfortable than regular fitted clothing, it’s like you can stay comfortable and be trendy at the same time, which is great if you’re in a rush,” Shin said.

Shin realized that this trend is making a comeback and has rubbed off on many individuals.

“This trend has probably become popular because people are starting to incorporate the 90’s fashion into their outfits and they wore a lot of oversized stuff back then.”

Although, another senior ,Brandon Lee, had a different aspect on the oversized trend.

“I don’t like to wear oversized clothes because I don’t think it would look very good on me and I don’t really see the point of buying something that doesn’t fit you,” Lee said.

Even though Lee doesn’t wear oversized clothing, he admits he sees lots of people wearing the trend and prefers something else.

“When I do see people wear clothes like that it’s mostly girls, but I have seen boys wear it. People wear it mostly at the beach, the mall, or school. Again I don’t really get it so I prefer the a type of an urban trend.”