Calla Totaro’s Path to Student Representation


In a school of 2,500 people, student voices can be drowned out. West Potomac Junior Calla Totaro hopes to change that.


“I am running for class representative–that’s basically the voice of the students,” Totaro said. “If anyone has any concerns, they can talk to me, and I can bring those concerns to the meetings.”


This is Totaro’s first time running for a student leadership position.


“I thought it would be really fun, and I just kind of did it spontaneously,” she said. “I wasn’t planning on it, but I thought I should just do it.”


Totaro is passionate about the importance of the representative position.


“It might be intimidating to talk to the president of the class, rather than a lower position, who has more contact with the students on an everyday basis,” she said.


Totaro believes she deserves the position because of her approachability.  


“I used to be very shy but I have been more open the past couple of years, especially in high school,” she said. “I feel like I know a lot more people than I used to, so I can easily talk to them and they can easily talk to me.”


Totaro wants to inspire future students to get involved in student leadership.
“I would say if you want to do it, then do it,” Totaro said. “It seems like a really fun thing to do.”