Nextdoor Neighbor

From keeping you safe to alerting you to curbside sales, Nextdoor Neighbor app can do it all. Also used as a platform to share concerns and professional work, the app can make life a little bit easier for its users.

One of these users is freshman Olivia Petretich, a user who has been active on Nextdoor Neighbor for the past year.

“It’s just a fun app to use. I love how I can just put a post on there about me babysitting and get replies. It’s a lot easier and more effective than putting out flyers or something. I do notice a lot of complaints by parents on their but I don’t really mind. I feel like the community is really close while on Nextdoor Neighbor,” Petretich said.

One of the most frequently used subjects on Nextdoor Neighbor is “Crime and Safety.” That is the section where members of community bring up public concerns such as “eggings”, reckless driving, and other local crimes.

Recent reports detailed of how a local teen girl has been spotted running stop signs, the frenzy of sirens on Fort Hunt road, and a Google Docs computer scam. This past summer the community joined forces on Nextdoor Neighbor’s “Crime and Safety” section to bring down and stop a man committing vulgar acts in local neighborhoods.

“I like just going on the app and reading all the posts. A lot of them are pretty interesting. The concerns can be a little repetitive I guess but I understand why they’re there. Some of them I feel don’t need to be there but they don’t bother me that much. The best part about the app is the Free Stuff section. I got my Guinea Pig from Nextdoor app.” Recently joined user Wyatt Murphy said.

The “Free Item” section has steals like fire pit covers all the way to trampolines. Many different items such as electronics, toys, and tools seem to be taken within hours of when they were put on the app.

The “General” section consists of announcements, questions, and local causes. Things such as looking for workout partners, reminding citizens of upcoming meetings, and inconveniences that might impact a user’s day appear in this section.