Music Review: This Old Dog


Mac DeMarco’s latest album, This Old Dog, is a tried and true reflection of his previous works. The avid use of acoustics once again prove to be a tried and true sound for DeMarco as he accentuates the catchy yet soft beats. The album is very reminiscent of his previous work in Salad Days however this time he does experiment with more electronic beats with tracks such as On the Level which seems to channel the Vaporwave-esque tunes that have recently picked up an audience on the internet. This shift creates a very welcome new sound as DeMarco still manages to show his knack for songwriting on the more different tracks as well.
This Old Dog proves to be a very interesting addition to DeMarco’s works that gives audiences a fresh sound while staying true to the style he’s known for. I would recommend this album to listeners who are familiar with some of his previous works such as 2 or Salad Days. Mac DeMarco is however more of an acquired taste as people unfamiliar with indie music may find his works unappealing. However, I believe if you stick with it and make it at least halfway through the album, the catchy tunes might just grow on you.