Guitar Holds End of Year Concert


Guitar classes held a concert May 18 at 7:00 pm in the Kogelman Theater. Ms. Gano, the guitar teacher, began with an introduction to the auditorium and to the Guitar 1 group. Junior Fabiola Jimenez translated the introduction to Spanish for the audience.

After Guitar 1 finished performing, Seniors Mattea Jones-Lloyd and Jason Seiler each sang and performed solo pieces. Jones-Lloyd performed “Purple Rain,” by Prince, while Seiler played “Deacon Blues,” by Steely Dan. The West Potomac Mariachi Band came on stage next, leading the crowd in a  rousing sing-along of “La Bamba.”

Guitar 2 proceeded to the stage next, including in their pieces a notable solo by Freshman Adriana De Lima during the class arrangement of “Seven Nation Army.”

The theater let out for a ten minute break after Guitar  2 finished, and next three more soloists performed. Senior John Stewart began with “One Less Set of Footsteps” by Jim Croce, followed by fellow seniors Melany Bohorquez with her original song “524” and Mohammed Al Ani with an original arrangement of “Unravel,” from Tokyo Ghoul. Lastly, Guitar Ensemble presented director Ms. Gano with flowers and chocolate before beginning their pieces, which marked the conclusion of the night.

 “I think this performance really showed how far each guitar class has come this year. The classes themselves have worked so hard to get to this point, so I think this performance let them show off their skills.” Jimenez said.

Each Guitar class played one piece arranged by the class, where students helped arrange their own version of a chosen song to fit the different sections of the class.

“I thoroughly enjoyed each solo performance. I know Ms.Gano chose the people she felt had done really well in guitar this year and you can tell that they are at the top of their class. Also, Mohammed’s and Melany’s original songs were very impressive… my actual favorite part of the show was when the seniors presented flowers and treats to Ms.Gano. She does a lot for her students and I thought that was very nice of them to show their appreciation for all she does.”

“I’m actually not in guitar class myself,” explained Jimenez, “but I like to participate in many of the events that Guitar has throughout the year. Guitar has a sense of unity that I really enjoy being a part of and aside from all of the amazing people I’ve met through participating alongside Guitar, Ms. Gano is a big reason why I like it so much. She’s very kind and committed and she always makes sure that we’re having fun while learning new things everyday. Overall, It’s a very great environment to be in.”