Bayer Commits to Berkeley


Cassidy Bayer (right) with her mother

Most seniors just decided on what college they’ll attend next year, but Junior Cassidy Bayer is ahead of the game–she just committed to University of California, Berkeley for swimming.


“I really liked the San Francisco area and the team of swimmers,” she said. “I also liked that it was a really good school academically.”


UC Berkeley is known for their excellent swimming program.


“They have had a lot of Olympians,” Bayer said. “Having a strong, consistent swimming program was the reason for why I picked there.”


As a little girl, Bayer was always interested in UC Berkeley’s swimming program.


“Actually, I always looked at UC Berkeley girls because for swimmers, they’re really cool,” Bayer said. “I was finding myself wanting to go there a couple of times.”


However, before her decision, Bayer kept her options open with other schools.


“I was looking at USC California, Texas University and Georgia University.”


Going from swim practice to school and back to swim practice may seem like a lot, but Bayer doesn’t let it get in the way of her academics.


“I believe that it has actually helped me, even though it is a lot to balance,” she said. “It has taught me a lot of skills that I can use in and out of the pool, so I think that has helped with time management and focus.”


Bayer is confident about her decision.
“I am very excited, even though I still have another year left,” she said. “I think if you aren’t excited, then you picked the wrong school.”