Summer Fun Runs


Bubble Run

Wouldn’t it be great if exercise were actually fun? This might be possible with the plethora of “fun runs” happening around Virginia this summer. These runs are made unique with glowsticks, color, mud, and more special characteristics–so get a sweat on this summer with a smile on your face!


Run and Ride

Kings Dominion

Saturday, June 3 and Sunday, June 4

1-miler and 5K on Saturday, quarter marathon (6.5 miles) and the half marathon (13.1 miles) on Sunday


Prices (include park passes):

1 miler: $45 Race fee + $3 sign up fee

5K: $60 Race fee + $3.60 sign up fee

Half Marathon: $120 Race fee + $7.20 signup fee

Quarter marathon:  $80 Race fee + $4.80 sign up fee



The Run and Ride is chance for all thrill seekers and runners out there to combine both of their interests. Once you have completed your run, you can enjoy a park pass to Kings Dominion.


Run Amuck

Butler Stadium, Quantico, VA 22134

Saturday, June 10

Choice of a 4 mile run or a 2 mile run



4 mile run – $45

2 mile run-  $30


Run Amuck is a mud run for people of all ages. Throughout the course you are faced with obstacles and other challenges. Be prepared to get muddy when running this race!


Night Nation Run

RFK stadium, 2400 E Capitol St. SE, Washington D.C, 20003

Saturday, June 17




$60 – $80 based on registration package



The Night Nation Run is more for the fun than the actual run. Exciting “party stations” are located along the course that include deejays, light shows, and even selfie stations. A pre-party takes place before the race, where it is encouraged to dance in order to get loose for the run.



Bubble Run

RFK stadium, 2400 E Capitol St. SE, Washington D.C, 20003

Saturday, August 12






Many people are used to the typical fun run where you get sprayed with color and dye, but with the Bubble Run things are a little different. Through the course runners run through different colored bubbles every kilometer.


Inflatable Run

RFK stadium, 2400 E Capitol St. SE, Washington D.C, 20003

Saturday, September 9

Courses vary in length



VIP- $90

Regular- $75


With different courses, the inflatable run is made for everyone. Various inflatable obstacles are placed along the different courses. You can choose which ones you want to conquer.



Color Run

National Harbor, MD 20745

Sunday, September 17






The color run is definitely worth getting your clothes a little messy with color. The course contains different stations of color spray zones. At each station different colors are sprayed, squirted, and thrown at you. After the run, runners can enjoy an after party. With this year’s color run, there seems to be a theme, of unicorns. Runners will receive unicorn medals, experience unicorn inflatables, and get covered with unicorn colors.|cid:735617993|agid:40047916482|tid:kwd-4525054935|crid:193393701503|nw:g|rnd:3726971418234115341|dvc:c|adp:1t1|loc:9052078&gclid=CjwKEAjwu4_JBRDpgs2RwsCbt1MSJABOY8anMfXXgj5wavGTgjO-CFQpcXOvt7ZBkbTbI3Nk8H786hoCZmrw_wcB