What Do Teachers Do During Summer?

With the last few weeks of school wrapping up, the excitement for summer can be felt throughout the halls of West Potomac. For the next few months students are able to relax, vacation, and have fun–but what about the teachers?


Robert Holloway, an English teacher, does very similar things as his students during his time away from the classroom.


“I’m going to travel,” Holloway said. “Right now i’m planning a trip to my hometown. I’m also going to visit South Carolina and see some friends in North Carolina on my way.”


But summer isn’t all play for Holloway as he plans to improve and tone his teaching skills during his break.


“Over the summer I plan on taking a professional development course for Advanced Placement Literature,” he said. “I am also doing AVID training again. This will probably be my third and final year of training. Most of that training will have to do with the tutorial process so it can be used in other classes and as a school wide strategy.”


Mrs. Evers, a Physical Education and Health teacher, is also planning on doing teaching-related activities this summer.


“This summer I am helping rewrite the Fairfax [county] health curriculum for around two weeks,” she said. “This is very important because our plans and lessons should be up to date and relevant.”


Like other teachers at West Potomac, Evers holds a summer job that keeps her busy throughout her time off.


“I actually babysit for a family in the summer, so my first week off I’ll be right back to work,” Evers said. “I have babysat for this family the last couple of years so I know them very well.”


Like Holloway, Evers plans on visiting her home state of New York to catch up with friends and family–but Evers has some unique things planned as well.


“This summer I’m competing in a triathlon,” she said. “I completed it last year and want to do it again. It’s a fun challenge to me and makes me want to come back. Many people would be scared at the idea of a triathlon, but I enjoy them.”


Despite their different summer plans, both Holloway and Evers are “incredibly” happy and excited to have time and space away from the workplace and school environment.