Sophomore Students’ Increased Workload


Homework is something that inevitably accompanies a student’s high school experience. Every year, students take more rigorous and challenging classes. New projects and assignments consume the students’ time and energy. This increase of work can be found throughout all grades, but the jump from freshman to sophomore year is especially shocking for some.


Sophomore Georgia Schlacter, is enrolled in both AP World History and AP Psychology. Her nights are crammed with assignments and stress.


“When I get home I usually relax for around maybe like an hour or so. After that, my nights are really just homework and sleeping,” Schlacter said.“I’m not at all good at getting work done. I usually drag it  throughout the night and I just get stressed out.


Schlacter has seen a definite increase in the amount of work she has received this year from last year.


“I recieve way more homework this year,” Schlacter said. I spend probably around three or four hours (a night) on homework this year and one to two hours last year. I also noticed the in class assignments I get take a lot more effort than last year.”


Even though AP World is Schlacter’s favorite class, she agrees that her two AP classes live up to the rumors of being tough courses.


“The tests and quizzes in this my AP [classes] are insanely hard,” Schlacter said. “It also seems like we have had a quiz almost every class. You need to be really focused and driven to be successful or you will just fall behind. The pace of the classes are really fast so you have to do your best to keep up while also trying to learn. It does help though because I have really good teachers for both classes.”


Schlacter believes she has adjusted “pretty well” so far and has exceeded her expectations.


“I think the classes are a good challenge because they make me a better all around student. The teachers have been a lot more helpful than I thought but they are definitely not messing around when it comes to teaching. I’ve learned a lot so far this year but I’m definitely nervous for the rest of it.”


The increased workload can be even more of a burden to a student if they play sports or are in extracurriculars. Sophomore Conor Allen balances AP World with hockey and lacrosse.


“I’ve gotten so much more homework this year than last year,” Allen said. Since I play sports, homework is something you have to work into your schedule. I usually go to practice and when I get home I eat and do homework for about three hours.” Allen said.


Allen, like Schlacter, agrees the challenge of his classes are beneficial to him as a student.


“Last year, since I didn’t have that much work, I would just hold it off or not do it,” Allen said. “I get so many assignments especially in AP World, that are really long and hard. I noticed that keeping up with your work is really important or your grade gets very bad.” Allen said.


Allen has found some techniques and skills to help him get through the changes he has faced this year.


“We do a lot more writing in my classes this year,” Allen said “I have to work on my writing skills more if I want to do well this year. I ask a lot more questions and get more help from my teachers. I have also used more time managment to see what I have to get done and make sure I don’t miss anything.”


Students have tried to adapt to their increased workload experimenting with different skills and techniques. One thing both Allen and Schlacter can agree on is that it takes time and effort to be successful in school but are up for the challenge that faces them during their Sophomore year.