Parking Pass Pickle


Getting parking passes is always a hectic beginning to the school year, and this fall, many students couldn’t get one due to the shortage of spaces. This caused a lot of turmoil among the students who waited in line to get a parking pass with no success.

“I didn’t get in line fast enough, and even though I had my friends hold a spot [in line] for me, I couldn’t get one,” says Patrick Devlin.

Students whose classrooms were not near the cafeteria had difficulties making it in time. Some students thought ahead and asked their parents to come stand in line for them.

“I don’t think parents should be allowed to come and hold their kids’ spots in line,” Gavin Luscombe said. “The kids are old enough to stand in line on their own.”

Without a parking spot on campus, these students have to figure out other ways of parking and getting to school. This can be inconvenient for some students.

“Because I didn’t get a pass this year, I am parking in the neighborhoods near school,” Devlin said. “It’s not all that bad, although it is a bit of an inconvenience having to walk so far from my car for sports and staying after school and things like that.”

Because of the challenges in the process this year, students have already brainstormed solutions so that this doesn’t happen next year.

“The staff could have everyone who wants a pass pay for it at orientation, and then before school starts, they could hand out the passes in the order that the people paid,” Devlin said. “This way the people who really need a spot can get one.”