A Mission to Find the Best Iced Tea

Finding the top 5 places for you to get the best Sweet tea!


Dickey’s BBQ iced tea

Iced tea originated from Asia and Africa, but is now served at most restaurants all around you. The question is, which place has the best? The search is on to find the best place in the area to get iced tea. Here are my rankings on the top five places to get iced tea around West Potomac.

Coming in at number 5, Roy Rogers in the Route 1 shopping center in Alexandria. It is a little overly sweet and tastes a little artificial but is still good for a warm day when you’re in the mood. I would recommend to put some of their lemonade in it to balance out the flavors. Rate: 6.5

Number 4 goes to Subway in the Belle View shopping center. The sweet tea tastes more fresh than Roy Rogers, but still not the best quality if you’re looking for outstanding tea. It’s not too strong or weak or overly sugared and it’s very refreshing! Rate: 7.5

At number 3 we have Starbucks in the Route 1 shopping center. Starbucks is a great place to go if you are feeling a “fancier” tea. The “shaken sweet tea” is amazing; it tastes very fresh and you can see all the ingredients they put in it since they make it in front of you. It has an aftertaste that’s a little weird but it’s still a definite top 3. Rating: 8

The runner-up is Panera Bread. Panera’s iced tea is a must for any occasion. If you are in the mood for a nice lunch with friends, this iced tea brings it to a whole new level. It is the right amount of sweetness and and it’s always fresh because they change the tea so many times throughout the day. You will never get a bad cup! You can always taste the ingredients that go into it which makes for an amazing drink and an delicious meal! Rate: 9.5

And the best tea in the Alexandria Virginia area goes to… Dickey’s BBQ! Their sweet tea is the best that I have ever had. It is so sweet and cold and perfect with any meal you can get there. While shopping I was so thirsty and decided to just get a drink with my friend… what an amazing choice I made! It tastes just like you are in South Carolina drinking authentic sweet tea. Hands down the best tea to drink at any time.