First Quarter for Freshmen


Hart running in a cross country meet

First quarter is coming to an end for all students at West Potomac, but this is a new experience for the freshmen here. Freshmen Jackson Hart and Parker Hartzell had different views on the first quarter, but neither can wait for final grades and the four-day weekend coming up.

Although high school academics were new to Hartzell, she didn’t have too much trouble.

“My first quarter has been pretty easy; all of my teachers are really nice.” Hartzell said. “I liked the new bell schedule because it gives me more time to do homework.”

Hart’s expectations didn’t quite match up with his reality.

“My first quarter has been filled with work.” Hart said. “I thought that the first quarter was easy, and went by fast. Although, I expected it to be a lot easier than it was.”

While the quarter might have been a tough one for some students, there were many interesting sporting events and activities for students to participate in.

“I enjoyed the football games because it was fun to hang out with my friends and watch football,” Hart said.

Parker Hartzell is on the Varsity volleyball team at West Potomac and she enjoyed playing.

“It’s been nice having people help me transition to West Po,” Hartzell said. “Sports were fun, and I enjoy volleyball because I get to think in the moment.”

Hart runs cross country at West Potomac, so time management was an important skill for him to develop.

“I had to manage my time wisely through cross country because practice was after school,” Hart said. “Track made me make sure I had enough time to study and do my homework.”

Both freshmen have learned what will help them in the future quarters.

“I have learned to do my homework the day I get it,” Hartzell said.

Although the first quarter is coming to an end, there are three more for which to make goals. Hart looks forward to running track meets.

“My motivation to run made me join track,” he said.

Hartzell has a goal relatable to many students at West Potomac.

“My plans for the future are to get good grades.”