Fall Memories


Fall is coming to an end: leaves are falling, air is chilling, winter break is coming soon. Students reminisce on the Homecoming dance, teachers and students dressed up for wacky spirit days, and endless caffeinated drinks to get them through the weeks.

“I think spirit week would have to be my favorite fall memory because it was cool to see what other people came up with,” Shannon Harritan.

Football games are wild but wonderful, with the stands full of people cheering and the air full of spirit with the biting wind.

“I love going to the football games because I get to see my friends there and see our team beat the other team,” said Zoe Shepard.

The dance boasted people singing along to their favorite songs, taking goofy pictures with their friends, and showing off their best moves.

“My favorite fall memory was going to homecoming because I had a good reason to dress up and I got to take good pictures with my friends,” Claudia Gomez said.

What was your favorite fall memory?