Ms. Livelli: Back and Better Than Ever


English teacher Jacqueline Livelli is considered as a new teacher to students at West Potomac, but she has actually taught here before.

“I was at West Potomac a while back, and then I taught in a juvenile detention in Arlington,” Livelli said.

She has taught in many places, but her all time favorite was a Catholic school in New Jersey.

I taught in a catholic school in 1991,” she said. “It was my very first teaching job and I loved it.”

Despite the passed time, Livelli still loves West  Potomac.

“My first two years ever at West Potomac were hands down my favorite in the state of Virginia,” she said.

West Potomac has changed a lot, but Ms. Livelli is adjusting.

“I have learned a lot this year at West Potomac,” she said. “I have very large classes so I learned how to give challenging assignments and give myself enough time to grade it.”

Livelli loves her English students and the West Potomac community.

“The kids here are overall very respectful.”