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Five Senses in Fall

Derek Ochoa

Derek Ochoa

Derek Ochoa


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As we shiver in the middle of winter, we reminisce about autumn. These students used their five senses to sum up what autumn means to them.

Derek Ochoa

I smell pumpkins in autumn

I see brown and red leaves

I hear the wind

I feel leaves

I taste Thanksgiving food


Alison Cooke

I smell hot chocolate

I see colorful trees

I hear leaves crunching

I feel the wind blowing

I taste gingerbread cookies


Mia Brewster

I smell the leaves in autumn

I see the colors changing

I hear crows

I feel the leaves on the grass

I taste pumpkin


Brielle Brown

I smell mac and cheese

I see leaves

I hear leaves crunching

I feel the cold weather

I taste sweet tea


Lux Ray

I smell Pumpkin spices

I see leaves on the ground

I hear the birds chirping

I feel the crunching under my feet

I taste thanksgiving turkey

Juaquan Mack

I smell leaves in autumn

I see orange and red

I hear leaves falling

I feel leaves

I taste pumpkin pie

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Five Senses in Fall