6-0 Is the Way to Go: Swim & Dive


Skopp-Cardillo diving into the pool for a swimming race.

With a 6-0 record, the West Potomac swim & dive team has owned the pool this season, despite the change of a new coach, Laurel Grezeler.

Freshman swimmer Juliana Skopp-Cardillo enjoyed her first season as a wolverine swimmer.

“This team is so much fun and encouraging,” she said, smiling. “The older kids are so nice and always cheer me on.”

And it’s not just her teammates who push her to success; the upper leadership keeps her going.

“The coaches are very motivating and supportive of everyone,” Skopp-Cardillo said. “They always want the best for us and push us to try our hardest.”  

 After every success, the team became more confident, and happy with their record.

“Winning everything made it even more exciting.” Skopp-Cardillo added.  

Winning in the pool has helped the athletes to succeed out of the pool.

“It has definitely made me manage my time a little bit more,” freshman swimmer Aidan Lansburgh said.  “As soon as I get home from practice I immediately start my homework so I won’t forget to do it.”  

When asked to give advice to a rising freshman who was thinking about joining swim team, Lansburgh’s said, “If you really enjoy the sport, then do it because the coaches are great and the environment is just really great. I got to meet so many new people and become a part of a new team. It was also fun getting to swim in all the meets.”  

When Skopp-Cardillo and Lansburgh were asked to describe swim team in one word, they both chose fun.  

“It is just a fun and friendly environment and it is very easy to succeed if you work hard and put in effort.” Lansburgh said.  

“I look forward to each practice and each swim meet because it’s just so much fun,” Skopp-Cardillo added.  “It’s an all-around great time.”